🧸 Miércoles 17 de junio – Preschool

Prof. Beatriz Rosales beatriz.rosales@orvalle.es

Para el que pueda, hoy tendremos nuestra asamblea a las 11h. ¡Nos vemos allí!


Good morning friends!

In the video, we will learn about phonic P.

Today is Wednesday!!!As summer is coming, we should learn some vocabulary, and in this case, the magic word is… Flip flop!


We are going to enjoy painting with our feet!

What do we need?

-Our feet.

-A paper or cardboard.


Objective: To feel different textures and to learn a new word “Flip flop”

You only have to paint your feet, and after that stamp them on a paper. Finally, you can stick a straw to form your flip flop.

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