📌Lunes 15 de junio – 3º Primaria

¡Última semana para participar en el concurso ShakeUp!

¡Ánimo que lo vas a conseguir!


  • 3ºA – 9:30h.
  • 3ºC – 10:15h.

Cecilia Peláez – cecilia.pelaez@orvalle.es

Hello girls!

Today we will meet today for our Music lesson. Join the lesson with microphones muted and please be punctual. 

We will continue with our musical dictionary and we will have our Kahoot challenge!  

Physical Education

  • 3ºB – 10:15h.

Mariola Villalón Fornés – mariola.villalon@orvalle.es

Good morning girl!

Are you ready to dance? bring some cones, or similar objects.


  • 3ºB and 3ºC – 11:00h.

Claudia Rivera – claudia.rivera@orvalle.es

Tina Newsome – tina.newsome@orvalle.es

Good morning girls! 

This is just a gentle reminder that 3B and 3C are having their Fantasy show this morning so please come dressed up and with your lines learnt! 

If you don’t have a costume, don’t worry! Hopefully you have still gone online and wrote down  a few lines from your favourite fantasy character.

Can’t wait to see you all in the Fantasy Show!

Your Drama Teachers,

Miss Tina & Miss Claudia


  • 3ºA – 10:15h.
  • 3ºB and 3ºC – 9:30h.

Rocío Rosaleny – rocio.rosaleny@orvalle.es

Claudia Rivera – claudia.rivera@orvalle.es

Tina Newsome – tina.newsome@orvalle.es

Today we are going to revise “Clothes”. You can do the worksheet to practice the vocabulary. 

Social Science

  • 3ºA – 11:00h.

Rocío Rosaleny – rocio.rosaleny@orvalle.es

Claudia Rivera – claudia.rivera@orvalle.es

Tina Newsome – tina.newsome@orvalle.es

This week we are going to revise Europe! You can play the memory game to practice some countries and their capital cities!

Cut all the cards and have fun playing!

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