📌Lunes 8 de junio – 3º Primaria

¿Ya has realizado alguno de los desafíos de Orvalle ShakeUp?

Te esperamos en esta gran aventura que te permitirá viajar por diferentes islas de conocimiento para entrenar tu cerebro, divertirte y ganar medallas y diplomas “ShakeUp”.


  • 3ºA – 9:30h.
  • 3ºC – 10:15h.

Cecilia Peláez – cecilia.pelaez@orvalle.es

Hello girls! Today we will meet today for our Music lesson. 
(Join the lesson with microphones muted and please be punctual)  

The Art of ListeningWe will continue with our musical dictionary and we will listen to different musical masterpieces. Are you ready to listen and dance?

Physical Education

  • 3ºB – 10:15h.

Mariola Villalón Fornés – mariola.villalon@orvalle.es

Good morning, girls!

Today we have a P.E Lesson, at 10´15 in the morning!

Remember to bring:

– 6 cones or similar objects.

– 1 racket or a similar object.

– 1 ball.

See you later!


  • 3ºB and 3ºC – 11:00h.

Claudia Rivera – claudia.rivera@orvalle.es

Tina Newsome – tina.newsome@orvalle.es

Good morning girls! We hope you had a restful and relaxing weekend!

Please print out the A Fairytale Drama Circle scriptand look for your lines (your class list number will be what fairy tale lines are assigned to you).

Bring the script to class and together we will go through each of the lines while you act them out.

Looking forward to seeing you; and watching you act out  lines from famous fairytales!

Your Drama Teachers,

Miss Tina and Miss Claudia


  • 3ºA – 10:15h.
  • 3ºB and 3ºC – 9:30h.

Rocío Rosaleny – rocio.rosaleny@orvalle.es

Claudia Rivera – claudia.rivera@orvalle.es

Tina Newsome – tina.newsome@orvalle.es

Today we are going to revise “Jobs and family”. You can do the worksheet to practice the vocabulary. 

Social Science

  • 3ºA – 11:00h.

Rocío Rosaleny – rocio.rosaleny@orvalle.es

Claudia Rivera – claudia.rivera@orvalle.es

Tina Newsome – tina.newsome@orvalle.es

Get ready to revise the seven continents and the cardinal points!!

You can do the worksheet to practice the cardinal points!

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