📌Jueves 4 de junio – 5º Primaria

Clases MEET hoy:

  • 9,30h. – Matemáticas
  • 10,30h. – Lengua
  • 12,00h. – ART
  • 13,00h. – Science


Sara Lladó Sánchez – s.llado@orvalle.es

Hoy repasamos familias de palabras (prefijos y sufijos con este recurso:  ACCEDER o, si lo prefieres, con estos ejercicios del libro (digital o impreso, eligiendo dos de ellos):

  • Tema 7 vocabulario prefijos actividad 4,
  • Tema 8 actividad 1 de prefijos
  • Tema 10 familias de palabras actividades 1-4


María Ferrer – Maria.ferrer@orvalle.es

HI girls!

You have to finish “the view through your window” that we started the other day. 

You don’t have to send it, I will ask you to show it to me in the next class. 


Alexandra Norris – alexandra.norris@orvalle.es

In class: We will explore part 6 and understand the best way to answer this question.

Mini-task: I would like you to begin part 7 of the writing. Use what you learnt today in class to help you. This is due on Monday.


Alexandra Norris – alexandra.norris@orvalle.es

In class: We will continue presenting our sectors from Social Science

Mini-task: Today I would like you to finish filling out your table with the “Money in” and the “Balance”

What does this mean?

The Money in = is what you predict to earn in a month (in around 30 days) with what you sell.

The Balance = How much money are you left with after paying your costs in the same month. Did you gain money or did you lose money?

~ You have to minus (-) the money you would earn (Money in) with the money you spent (Money out).

This all needs to be in the same table like on pages 74 and 75. Make sure you have it in your PPT.


Reyes Lora – reyes.lora@orvalle.es


When? Wednesday 10th June at 10.30am

We are looking for Musicians!

If you want to play a piece (any instrument!) or sing a song, please, email Miss Lora (reyes.lora@orvalle.es) before Monday with your name and the name of your piece or song.

It is not compulsory to play, we also need audience!

I look forward to hearing from you!

And don’t forget to do the homework in Classroom.

Thank you!


Elena Pérez – Elena.perez@orvalle.es

Buenos días:

Hoy MEET  a la 9h 30 min.

El tema que repasaremos hoy es “tiempo y dinero”
Lo trabajaremos con problemas. Pág 136 (1) y 138 (10 y 12 ) también haremos operaciones .


Physical Education

María Ferrer – Maria.ferrer@orvalle.es

Hi girls!

Continue with the challenge of the week and remember to wear your helmet.

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