📌Miércoles 3 de junio – 2º Primaria


Almudena Canosa and Tina Newsome – almudena.canosa@orvalle.es

  • 2ºA – 9:30h.
  • 2ºB – 11:00h.

In Science class today,we will be revising  the parts of the body and the five senses.
We will be looking at the parts of the body using I have got. I have got brown hair, I have got blue eyes. I have got two legs etc.


Gracia Iturrieta – gracia.iturrieta@orvalle.es

  • 2ºB – 9:30h.
  • 2ºA – 10:15h.


РPalabras polis̩micas.
– Palabras con ca, que, qui, co y cu.

Recuerda: entra con el micrófono cerrado y muy atenta.
Prepara lápiz, goma y cuaderno o fichas impresas.

Vamos a ir trabajando juntas.
Lo vas a hacer genial.


Cecilia Pelaez – cecilia.pelaez@orvalle.es

  • 2ºA – 11:00h.

Hello girls! 

Today we will meet today for our Music lesson. Have a sheet of paper or a notebook ready. (Join the lesson with microphones muted and please be punctual).

We will continue with our musical dictionary and we will do some activities. Are you ready to test yourself?

Physical Education

Mariola Villalón – mariola.villalon@orvalle.es

  • 2ºB – 10:15h.

Good morning, girls!

Today we have a P.E Lesson at 10:15 a.m!Remember to bring a rope and cones (or something similar).

See you later!


Mº Cruz de la Cruz Gil – mc.cruz@orvalle.es

Good morning:

Book True True 4 Adventures in the TruolympicsPage 17.

Fit each costume by looking at the images.

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