📌Martes 2 de junio – 1º Primaria


Rocío Rodríguez Sierra – rocio.rodriguez@orvalle.es

  • 1ºA – 9:30h.

In today´s class we are going to revise the parts of a plant and what plants need. You can print out the worksheet about the different parts of a plant (in “Imprimibles”)  . We will work on it in class. In case you don’t want to print it out, you will need to have a pencil and a piece of paper ready.

Once you have finished the lesson and only if you want to, you can complete the extra activity about what plants need. 

See you then!


Cecilia Peláez – cecilia.pelaez@orvalle.es

  • 1ºB- 9:30 

Hello girls! Today we will meet today for our Music lesson. Have a sheet of paper or a notebook ready. (Join the lesson with microphones muted and please be punctual)  

We will continue with our musical dictionary and we will do some activities. Are you ready to test yourself?


Rocío Rodríguez Sierra – rocio.rodriguez@orvalle.es

  • 1ºA – 10:15h.

Today we are going to revise the different feelings and emotions.

In “imprimibles” you will find three worksheets about feelings. You can print them out and have a pencil ready. We will work on some of the activities in class. Once the class has finished and, only if you want to, you can continue working on them.


Isabel Reinoso – isabel.reinoso@orvalle.es

  • 1ºB – 10:15h.

Hoy en clase repasaremos las palabras compuestas. Cuando termine la clase podéis hacer la ficha que corresponde al día de hoy. No hace falta que nos la envíes.

¡Mucho ánimo en esta recta final! 

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