🧸 Miércoles 27 de mayo – Preschool

Prof. Beatriz Rosales beatriz.rosales@orvalle.es

Para el que pueda, hoy tendremos nuestra asamblea a las 11h. ¡Nos vemos allí!


Happy Wednesday for everybody!!

We’ll review colors with this experiment, we hope that you enjoy it.

Moreover, in the video, we will learn opposite words!!!

Science Experiment

A color experiment that includes chemistry and fine motor skills.

We’ll need for this activity a tray, bowls, vinegar, food coloring and baking soda. Add some vinegar and food coloring to each of the bowls. In the tray place baking soda and then add a few drops of the colored vinegar (If you have a dropper to drip the vinegar is better). Pay attention and look to the chemical reaction of the vinegar and baking soda. Watch what happens when the colors start to mix.  Ask your kids, what’s happening?

Objective: To create curiosity.


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