📌 Lunes 25 de mayo – 5º Primaria

Clases MEET de hoy:

  • 9.30 Lengua
  • 10.30 Matemáticas
  • 12.00 English
  • 13.00 Physical Education


Elena Pérez – elena.perez@orvalle.es

Buenos días:

Hoy empezamos el repaso del primer bloque de contenido que os mandé el viernes.
Empezaremos con los número naturales (descomposición) y sus operaciones.

También repasaremos las potencias (cuadrados y cubos) y haremos los ejercicios 1 y 2 de la pág 214, resolviendo todas tus dudas.

Si te da tiempo mira y repasa lo que son potencias que las acabamos de usar en la superficie del círculo.



Alexandra Norris Alexandra.norris@orvalle.es


Today you will have the opportunity to present your natural science presentations on your inventor and invention if you still have not presented.

Today we are going to start looking at our project for Science. You will have three weeks to do this. Below you will find the rubric that I will explain further in class today:

RUBRIC: My Business Plan


For your mini-task today I would like you to start putting in a Power Point the questions you had to answer on Wednesday:

1. What do you sell?

2. What’s the name of your company?

3. What does it look like? You can draw this and label it.

4. How many people have to work for you?

5. When are you open?

Physical Education  

María Ferrer – maria.ferrer@orvalle.es

 Hi girls


During this week you have to spend 30min walking or running or both.

You have to keep in mind two things:
– Measure the distance with and app (ask your parents).
– Write in a paper the total distance you make everyday.

Next week in the MEET session we will see which 3 girls have made the longest distance and they will obtain gold, silver and bronce merit.

María Ferrer


Sara Lladó. S.llado@orvalle.es

Hoy es lunes y hay que empezar con fuerza.. ¡¡Vamos!!

MEET 9,30

GRAMÁTICA: repasaremos en clase  el sustantivo: tipos y el adjetivo (grados y tipos) Ejercicios libro digital: adjetivos Grados adjetivo, tema 5 actividades 2, y 7.


Alexandra Norris – Alexandra.norris@orvalle.es


Hi Girls!

Today I  will explain how Google Classroom will work, how we use our email and what we will be doing for the next three weeks.

Today in class we will mark our vocabulary on food


Your mini-task today is to just do part 1 of the reading and writing. You will find this on Google Classroom.


Alexandra Norris – alexandra.norris@orvalle.es

Mariola Villalón – mariola.villalon@orvalle.es

Choose a video and turn off the sound, because you will make the characters voices.  






– Choose a topic to talk about. Remember to be creative and invent a dialogue (it has to be completely different than the real dialogue).
– Use different types and levels of your voice. Each character has his/her own way of talking. You can show their personalities through your voice expression.
– If you can´t join the Drama meet class, please send the teacher a video of your activity. Be sure to show on it the film scene, and turn off the sound and improvise the dialogue.

Congratulations to:

Claudia López

Lucía Dantart

Jimena Llano

Olivia Jiménez

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