💡 Viernes 22 de mayo – 4º ESO


Helen Muntión – helen.muntion@orvalle.es

Good morning,

Congratulations!! You´ve finished your evaluation exams!! 

Since you are all experts on Fiscal Policy, I think that it is reasonable for you to at least know a little bit about the other tool countries use to manage their Economy: Monetary Policy.

To do so, I´ve prepared a little video which explains it and I suggest you also read pages 238-241 (there are lots of pictures so it is not that much) to make sure you completely understand it. 

We will be having a Global Exam for Economics where both Fiscal Policy and Monetary Policy will be included so I really urge you to watch the video and read the book. 

Have a nice weekend and see you next week with a new schedule and activities!!

Kind regards, 


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