📌 Jueves 21 de mayo – 5º Primaria

Examen 3ª Evaluación:

  • 12.30h. Lengua

Clases MEET de hoy:

  • 10.15h. Science
  • 11.30h. Lengua


Sara Lladó Sánchez – s.llado@orvalle.es

Hoy tenemos el examen de lengua, nos conectaremos antes por meet para resolver últimas dudas.

¡Os espero!


Alexandra Norris – alexandra.norris@orvalle.es

Please complete the vocabulary activity on Fruit:



María Ferrer – Maria.ferrer@orvalle.es

MEET lesson 10:15 Friday 22nd May


Reyes Lora – Reyes.lora@orvalle.es

 1.       For those who have not sent some of the homework, this is your last chance to do it! If you have already sent it to me, you don’t need to do anything. 

2.       Below you can find the 3 most important worksheets:

a)       Filling in Bar lines

b)      Notes test

c)       Drawing the Notes worksheet

3.       If you can’t remember how to do them, please, send me an email with questions, and I will explain to you how to do them step by step.

4.      And lastly, I thought you might like to relax from your exams at the end of the day by watching this video…enjoy it!

Social Science

Alexandra Norris – alexandra.norris@orvalle.es

Hi girls, 

Today in class I would like you to share your ideas on the type of business you have thought of.

For homework today I would like you to start thinking about what costs you would have for the business you’ve chosen. Draw this table and fill it out in your notebook:

My business accounts:

START UP COSTS·       ·       ·        
ONGOING COSTS·       ·       ·        
VARIABLE COSTS·       ·       ·        


Elena Pérez – Elena.perez@orvalle.es

Buenos días:

Hoy harás los ejercicios 2 y 4  de la pág 232.


Physical Education

María Ferrer – Maria.ferrer@orvalle.es

 Hi girls!

Click on the link below to see the class.

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