🧸 Martes 19 de mayo – Preschool

Prof. Beatriz Rosales beatriz.rosales@orvalle.es

Prof. Laura Morcillo laura.morcillo@orvalle.es

Para el que pueda, hoy tendremos nuestra asamblea a las 11h. ¡Nos vemos allí!


Good morning!

It is Tuesday!

We are going to have fun with this activity. Have a great day!

Numbers Game

What do we need?




In this activity you have to write the numbers from 1 to 10. Do it twice. Put them on the floor from 1 to 10, and give the other numbers you wrote to the kids. They will have to put the number that they have caught over the same one on the floor.

If you want a different range of numbers, write them from 1 to 20.

Objective: to review numbers and to recognize them.

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