💡 Lunes 18 de mayo – 3º ESO


María Fernández – maria.fernandez@orvalle.es 

Hola chicas, 

Recordad que hoy tenemos Meet a las 10.15h y a las 12.30 el examen.

Mucho ánimo, nos vemos en un rato!


Mac – mcarmen.macdonald@orvalle.es;

Helen – helen.muntion@orvalle.es;

James – james.hartley@orvalle.es

Hello everyone,

Since we have our evaluation exam on Wednesday 20th, today we will have a MEET session to finish correcting and go over any doubts you may have. See you at 11:00 in the Classroom Meet!


Helen, Mac & James


Mac – mcarmen.macdonald@orvalle.es;

Helen – helen.muntion@orvalle.es;

James – james.hartley@orvalle.es;

Sonia – sonia.gonzalez@orvalle.es 

Cambridge (FCE)

Sonia González – sonia.gonzález@orvalle.es

Helen Muntión – helen.muntion@orvalle.es

Good morning!

It is evaluation exams week so we will not be giving you class. However, remember that there are different sites where you can keep practicing for FCE in case you want to. 

These are some examples: 





Good luck on your exams!

Sonia & Helen

Cambridge (CAE)

James Hartley – james.hartley@orvalle.es  

Hi everyone,

No class this week as you have exams. Remember all the sites on the web if you want to practice – such as – 



You can also send me any extra writing work you would like to try – I’ll correct it and give you feedback.

Good luck with your exams!


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