🧸 Lunes 11 de mayo – Preschool

Prof. Beatriz Rosales beatriz.rosales@orvalle.es

Prof. Laura Morcillo laura.morcillo@orvalle.es

Para el que pueda, hoy tendremos nuestra asamblea a las 11h. ¡Nos vemos allí!



We’ll start a new week full of new activities; we hope that you’ll enjoy it.

Big hug and kisses for everybody.

In the video we’ll practice emotions and we’ll enjoy an action song “Happy”, I hope that you like it.


We’ll review the emotions (happy, sad, angry, scared and surprised).

For this activity we’ll need cardboard plates or paper and cardboard, finger paint and markers.

We’ll need to paint the plates with the color that you want and then, draw the parts of the face with a marker.

If you have different materials at home, you can use them to complete the parts of the face (eyes, mouth, ears, tongue).

Objective: To recognize and identify emotions.

Fruit vocabulary

We continue with our topic about food, we’ll review fruit vocabulary. 

You can sing this song: 

Also, for a snack we can create a car with apples and grapes, you’ll need mom or dad’s help to cut the fruit. You can follow the picture to guide you.

Objective: To learn fruit vocabulary. 

Adjuntamos ficha.

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