🧸 Lunes 4 de mayo – Preschool

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Prof. Laura Morcillo laura.morcillo@orvalle.es

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Good morning!

We are starting a new week, and we are going to have fun!  In the video you will learn concepts about food.

Fine Motor Skills

What do we need?




First of all we need mammy or daddy’s help. We need to have the top of a bottle cut.  Then, you can stick it on a table using cellophane, but don´t worry if you don’t have it, you can do the activity without sticking the bottle on the table. In this activity you can review color, size and numbers (by counting pompons you are putting inside)

Objective: To review colors, size (big and small) and color, as well as to practice fine motor skills.


What do we need?

-Paper or poster boards.


We have to cut different shapes on cardboard. After that, we´ll do the same thing using papers or poster boards.  The activity consists of classifying the small shapes into the big ones cut on the cardboard. You can cut other kinds of shapes like hearts, flowers… and they will have to realize that these shapes are not going to be classified, and they will have to leave them into the bowl.

Objective: To recognize and identify shapes.


What do we need?

-To watch the video.

-Colors to paint the drawing.

Objective: To review concepts of the unit and to review colors. 

Adjuntamos ficha.

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