📌 Miércoles 29 de abril – 3º Primaria

AVISO: recuerda la importancia de llegar puntual a clase, con el micro cerrado y estar muy atenta para aprovecharla bien.

Natural Science

3ºA and 3ºB Rocío Rosaleny – rocio.rosaleny@orvalle.es

3ºC Claudia Rivera and Tina Newsome – claudia.rivera@orvalle.es and tina.newsome@orvalle.es


We are going to start a new module of Natural Science: “Can you help me save the planet?”. Remember: today we are having our Live Session (MEET) at 11:00am.

Your assignment for today is to read and think about the contents of page 54 and 55 of your Natural Science book. If you don’t have it at home you can download it from this link: 

We want you to think about the facts you already know and the things you would like to learn in this Unit, and please write those ideas in the template below. You will have to complete the last column with what you will learn in each class or video.

KWL template: 

You also have to read and practice this song about “Energy”: 


3ºA Ana Lozano – ana.lozano@orvalle.es

3ºB Lourdes Giner – lourdes.giner@orvalle.es

3ºC Gracia Iturrieta – gracia.iturrieta@orvalle.es

Hoy te hemos preparado un vídeo para repasar todo lo necesario para hacer un buen análisis morfológico: clase, género, número, tiempo y persona.

Frases para analizar.
– Ellos repartirán los exámenes.
– Los médicos descubrieron un nuevo medicamento.

Disfruta mucho con tu tiempo dedicado a la lectura.


3ºA Paloma Cavero – paloma.cavero@orvalle.es

3ºB Margarita Pavía – m.pavia@orvalle.es

3ºC Gracia Iturrieta – gracia.iturrieta@orvalle.es

Te presento la unidad principal de masa: ¡el Kilogramo!

Estudia el cuadrado azul de la página 164 de libro y resuelve con éxito las actividades que te proponemos.

Página 164: actividades 29 y 30.

Página 165: actividades 31, 33 y 34.

Hoy tienes problemas en las actividades 33 y 34. Te gustan, ¿verdad?


Physical Education

Hi girls,

You are going to play a traditional board game called “The Game of the Goose” or “El juego de la Oca” (in spanish).

Before you start playing, here are a few things you´ll need to know:

1.Read the rules carefully.

2.Click on the dice to roll it and then click again to stop it, so you can see a number.

3.When you move your game piece, you will see an eye on the square/stone.

4.Place your mouse on the eye and read the challenge that comes with it. Then click on it and you will either be presented with a description, a video or a photo.

5.This game can be played with your siblings and/or your parents if they aren’t busy. I hope you have fun playing the Game of the Goose!

Click on the link below to play:

Remember that you have a challenge of the week!

Programming and Robotics

Mº Cruz de la Cruz Gil – mc.cruz@orvalle.es

Good morning,

This week we will  learn how to use three new cards. Watch the video carefully so that we can program TrueTrue when we return to school.

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