📌 Lunes 27 de abril – 5º Primaria

Hoy tenemos Santa Misa de curso a las 12.00 h en el canal de Orvalle. ¡Conéctate y rezamos juntas!


Elena Pérez elena.perez@orvalle.es

Hoy repasamos el tema 10 pág 193, lee bien la teoría para hacer bien las actividades  (1,2,5) de esta pág .

Si hay algo que no entiendas me lo preguntas.

Social Science

Alexandra Norris Alexandra.norris@orvalle.es

Today we are going to start Social Science!

I know some of you wanted to present your Natural Science projects this week but we have to start on Social Science as we only have until the 14th of May to finish!

What we will do is present our Natural Science projects after the 14th of May.

Please watch this video:

After watching the video on Social Science I would like you to write all the ideas you have on what people and population is, economy and money and business.

In your notebooks draw a table like this so you can write your thoughts:

People and populationEconomyMoney and business
Write your ideas here:    Write your ideas here: Write your ideas here: 

Physical Education

María Ferrer –  maria.ferrer@orvalle.es

Hi girls!

Click on the link below to see the class.


Click on the link below to see the challenge of the week.

“The triangle”


Sara Lladó. S.llado@orvalle.es

Hoy es lunes y hay que empezar con fuerza… ¡Vamos!


Palabras homófonas B/V Página 243. Lee bien y estudia las homófonas. Luego realiza las actividades: 24 y 25 (en el libro digital, página 243 actividades 1 y 2). Recuerda resumir enunciados y cuidar la letra, si las haces en el cuaderno.

Después, para repasarlas bien haz este jclick y envíame los resultados como ya te enseñé: https://szcdiiao5oil7kgjkk7qwg-on.drv.tw/JClic/JClicEspanol/Homob/

Por si no te acuerdas de cómo mandármelo, mira este tutorial que os hice: 


Alexandra Norris – Alexandra.norris@orvalle.es

Hi girls!

Recuerda que a las 13,00 h tienes clase presencial de MEET ENGLISH. Es importante ser puntual y entrar silenciada.

Today I would like you to just do the fifth block under “READING AND WRITING PART 5” please go to this link: https://www.englishrevealed.co.uk/ket.php

For every question, once you have selected your answer, it will tell you automatically if you got it right or wrong.


Alexandra Norris- alexandra.norris@orvalle.es

Mariola Villalón – mariola.villalon@orvalle.es

Hello, girls!

Today for your drama lesson you have the opportunity of acting as your character that you chose from a famous painting!

Your objective is: to transmit in a video how your character finished in the picture. What is the story of your character?

You have to create and to interpret the story of your character before that picture was painted. 


– Write a simple script of your story: who is your character? Where is your character from? Why is your character being painted? How old is your character? These are some ideas that can help you to imagine your character’s story.

– Tell your story: you can tell a story in many different ways. Some people would like to do it by singing a song, others might prefer to film a short movie, others might choose to read a letter or a book. Find the way that you are going to choose to tell your story. 

– Character: If you want to look similar to your character, try to not only wear the same clothes but also to have the same feelings (show them in your eyes, hands, mouth and gestures, voice, movements, way of walking, etc.)

– Scenic space: Light, sounds, music will help to keep the audiences’ attention in your story.

-Language: English. 

– Send your video.

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