📌 Lunes 27 de abril – 4º Primaria


Nataliz Jozwik – natalia.jozwik@orvalle.es

Good morning girls!

Let’s start Monday full of positive vibes!

Don’t forget to join  our Meet Lesson today at 12:30.  Try to be punctual! (Y recuerda entrar silenciada)

Please find the answer key to Flyers test from last week below.

The girls who have not prepared the News oral presentations yet  should do it over the next few weeks (by 10th of May). If you do not want to send me the video, just send me the e-mail confirming you would like to present it in our Meet Class (every Monday).

The task for today is to answer a few questions in your notebook describing what you have already done today.  (you do not have to send it to me )

1.    What  time have you woken up?

2.    What have you eaten for breakfast ?

3.    What have you had for homework today?

4.    What chores (tareas) have you done today?

5.    Have you learnt anything new today?

Social Science

Nataliz Jozwik – natalia.jozwik@orvalle.es

Welcome to our Social Science Module! 

It will be our last module for this school year and we will be learning about the first two periods of history. Doesn’t it sound exciting ? Let’s start then!

First, watch the introduction video to Social Science module.

Then, fill in the first two columns (what I know , what I want to know)  on our K-W-L chart in your notebook.  (don’t send it back to me and keep it clean in your notebook) 


Lourdes Giner – lourdes.giner@orvalle.es

Buenos días,

Hoy tenéis que ver el vídeo para ayudaros a preparar el examen del martes. Luego podéis repasar preposiciones, adverbios, determinantes, etc. Os va a salir genial.

Physical Education


Hi girls!

Click on the link below to see the class.


Click on the link below to see the challenge of the week. “The triangle”:


Margarita Pavía: m.pavia@orvalle.es
Cecilia Peláez: cecilia.pelaez@orvalle.es


Empezamos la semana repasando los temas anteriores.

Página 190, actividades 3 y 4. ¿Te acuerdas?

Ahora ponte a prueba con “La hora del ángulo” en la página 191

Realiza esta división y no te olvides de hacer la prueba:

12.089 : 37 =

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