📌 Viernes 24 de abril – 4º Primaria

Recuerda que hoy es vuestra misa de curso a las 12h, la podéis ver en directo desde el canal de YouTube de Orvalle.

Nota importante:
Envía tus deberes de cada asignatura a la profesora que te da clase


Sesión en MEET con la tutora a las 12.30am. Recuerda ser puntual y entrar silenciada.

Aspectos importantes a tener en cuenta:

Hablaremos por orden de lista cuando lo indique la profesora, por lo que es muy importante estar atentas y en silencio para poder escucharnos. Vamos a hablar de la situación actual, trataremos de reunir consejos y sugerencias entre todas para este periodo que estamos viviendo. Y muchas cosas más.


Inmaculada Villalobos – inmaculada.villalobos@orvalle.es

Lourdes Giner – lourdes.giner@orvalle.es

Buenos días,

Hoy tenéis que leer la pág. 187 y hacer las actividades 21 y 23 de la pág. 188.


Physical Education

María Ferrer – maria.ferrer@orvalle.es

Hi girls,

We are going to continue with traditional games. I hope you like the class.
There is a surprise for you.

If you know of any  traditional games and you want (and can)  share with the rest of the students, send it to me.

Click on the link below to see the class.



Natalia Jozwik – natalia.jozwik@orvalle.es

Hi girls

4 º B: don’t forget about your MEET ONLINE CLASS with Miss Katy at 10:30 today. (Recuerda ser puntual y entrar silenciada)

Do you remember that I asked you at the beginning of the week to do some Flyers reading comprehension exercises?

Some of you have already completed the tests and sent them to me. Thank you!

I am still waiting for the ones who have not been able to do that.

Please find the exercises from Tuesday below and once you have them complete, send them to my e-mail.

I will post the Flyers test corrections on Monday.

Natural Science

Natalia Jozwik: natalia.jozwik@orvalle.es

Please find the link to the Google Form Natural Science Test  below.


 Instructions to fill in the Google Form Natural Science Test:

1.   Click on the link to enter the form.

2.   You must include your parent’s e-mail address so I can send them your feedback after correcting the form. (mandatory)

3.   Write your name and surname (mandatory).

4.   You have to complete it by 8 p.m. ( 20:00) on Friday 24th (today).

5.   You can only access it once so when you are ready to submit your answers please don’t forget to click on „enviar” and it will be sent to my e-mail directly.

Have a lovely weekend!


Natalia Jozwik – natalia.jozwik@orvalle.es
Mariola Villalón – mariola.villalon@orvalle.es


Today for your drama lesson you have the opportunity of being a character from a famous painting! This might be a pirate, a mad hatter, a princess, a soldier, a lady. This will be a costume online party!

Your objective is: to transmit in a photograph the same look and feelings your character has in the painting.


– Choose a known/famous painting with at least one character. If there are more people in the painting, ask someone to do the activity with  you.

– Character: once you have your painting, dress up like a character in the painting. If you want to look similar to your character, try to not only wear the same clothes but also to have the same feelings (show them in your eyes, hands, mouth and gestures).

– Scenic space: Where is your character? Try to position yourself in the same place that your character has in the painting. Pay attention to not only the objects but also to the light (sun, a candle, a lamp, etc.)

– Send your photo.

Here you have an example.

Murillo, Bartolomé Estéban (1618-1682) Trauben- Melonenesser. 1645/1646. Lwd., 146 x 104 cm. München, Alte Pinakothek.


Margarita Pavía: m.pavia@orvalle.es
Cecilia Peláez: cecilia.pelaez@orvalle.es


Pincha aquí para repasar el tema 10 “Rectas, ángulos y movimientos” 

Cuando hayas terminado de ver el vídeo, pincha aquí y responde a las preguntas:

Prueba Tema 10 “Rectas, ángulos y movimientos” 


Realiza estas operaciones y no te olvides de hacer la prueba:12.089 : 73 =74,083 – 6, 38 =123.456 X 708 = 

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