💡 Viernes 24 de abril – 1º ESO

Social Sciences

Ana Corona García (ana.corona@orvalle.es)


Today we continue with the second part of the country project! 
What do you have to do today?
Today you have to look up your country’s natural environment. The natural environment examines three fundamental aspects:

  1. Relief: It includes the most representative mountain ranges, mountains, valleys, plains, capes, gulfs, beaches etc…of your country.
  2. Hydrography: Refers to marine waters (oceans and seas) and inland waters( rivers, lakes, glaciers). Hydrography is very important for its relation with human settlements (towns and cities) and human activities (farming, energy production, etc…) are all conditioned by water.
  3. Biogeography: Refers to the flora and fauna. Biogeography is closely related to climate conditions and human intervention, which uses and transforms vegetation for economic activity. 

The natural environment is a complex system because all the components of a  natural landscape are interrelated.  For example el sistema Ibérico has a type of relief (mountain) and an altitude(high altitude, because it’s a mountain)  that conditions its vegetation (forest with evergreen leaves such as pines or firs) and its fauna( wolves and bears). it has its own climate(much colder than in the plain Meseta and lots of snow precipitations during winter time), and that creates river resources. At the same time, climate influences landforms and biogeography. Water also shapes landforms and allows riverside forest to grow.


  •  you can check your chosen country on the Classroom list. If you have any doubt about it write it on the Classroom board please!
  • The project is divided into three sections (as you know, every Friday we are going to do one of those parts). 
  • The final project has to be submitted in the Classroom on May 12th. So you don’t have to hand me any part of the project until that date. You will have to unite the three parts in a unique document and hand on May 12th. 
  • You can attach pictures. 
  • The final project consists in a WORD DOCUMENT not a Power Point presentation (that´s opcional)

Have a nice weekend!


Susana Yanes- susana.yanes@orvalle.es


María del Olmo – FRANÇAIS – maria.delolmo@orvalle.es

Bonjour les filles, 

Aujourd’hui, on va faire l’examen de l’unité 5 sur CLASSROOM.Il faut l’envoyer sur CLASSROOM. (Os lo pondré en Classroom a las 09:30 y tenéis enviármelo HOY hasta las 17:00 por CLASSROOM. Vale simplemente enviar las respuestas).


Taller de Lengua

Carmen López- mcarmen.lopez@orvalle.es

Buenos días:

Hoy tienes que leer con mucha atención el fragmento del texto dramático que tienes en la página 194 de tu libro de texto y hacer un resumen de entre 3 y cinco líneas del argumento. Luego me lo mandas por Classroom.

Buen fin de semana.

Taller de Matemáticas

Esther Rodríguez- esther.rodriguez@orvalle.es

Para mañana 24 de abril tenéis que hacer los últimos ejercicios de la fotocopia: el 9 y el 10, son divisiones y operaciones con decimales.Podéis enviarlos antes de las 2 de la tarde y los corrijo y devuelvo



Carmen López- mcarmen.lopez@orvalle.es

Buenos días:

Hoy vamos a corregir los deberes de ayer y practicaremos un poco más de sintaxis y morfología. Como es viernes, toca también Progrentis.

Buen fin de semana.


Sonia González – sonia.gonzalez@orvalle.es

Helen Muntión – helen.muntion@orvalle.es

Good morning!

Today you are going to do a Reading Worksheet. It is Worsheet 14 and it’s titled The Apprentice System. The objective is for you to be able to take the main idea from the text and two supporting details for it. Watch this video before approaching the Reading Worksheet since it will give you clues on how to identify the main idea of a text. 

Have a nice weekend. 

Sonia & Helen


Raquel Martínez – raquel.martinez@orvalle.es

¡Hola a todas!

Hoy vamos a ver la magnitud de superficie. Disponéis de un vídeo en classroom con la explicación, luego debéis leer la página 190 y hacer 53, 57, 58, 59, 60 y 62.

¡Que tengáis un buen fin de semana!

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