🧸 Miércoles 22 de abril – Preschool

Prof. Beatriz Rosales beatriz.rosales@orvalle.es

Prof. Laura Morcillo laura.morcillo@orvalle.es

Para el que pueda, hoy tendremos nuestra asamblea a las 11h. ¡Nos vemos allí!


Good morning!

Today we are going to learn one more concept of the unit, “Tomato!” and we are going to have fun practicing gross motor skills.

In our video we will review the weather!

Let’s stick paper on the tomato

What do we need?

·       Print the tomato.

·       Colors (red and green)

·       Red tissue paper.

·       Glue.

First of all, paint the tomato. After that, just tear pieces of red tissue paper, and stick them on the tomato. Don´t forget to make small bolls with the tissue paper before sticking it on the tomato!

Objective: To enforce fine motor skills, to learn the concept of tomato, to review color red and color green, to feel different textures.

Adjuntamos ficha.

Gross Motor Skills

What do we need?

·       Papers that will be footprints on the floor. If it is easier for you, just put rectangles of paper like if they were feet.

·       Hoops or circles made of paper.

Put on the floor the hoops or the circles made of paper, and put the feet (or the rectangles made of paper) like they are in the pictures. You can change the order as you considerate. They can use one or two feet, depending on the amount of feet that are on the floor. They will have to jump from one foot to the next one.  Good luck!

Objective: To enforce fine gross skills.


Vamos a aprender sobre buenos y malos hábitos alimenticios. ¡No os perdáis la historia de nuestros amigos!

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