📌 Miércoles 22 de abril – 4º Primaria


Inmaculada Villalobos – inmaculada.villalobos@orvalle.es

Leticia Vericat – leticia.vericat@orvalle.es

Hoy, después de ver el pequeño vídeo que te mandamos de la confesión, vas a escribir las cinco cosas necesarias para confesarse bien y vas a hacer la actividad número 2, de la página 85.

¡A por ello niñas!


Margarita Pavía: m.pavia@orvalle.es 

Cecilia Peláez: cecilia.pelaez@orvalle.es


Hoy vamos a hacer de la página 188, el Cálculo Mental: Mitad de números pares hasta 4 cifras. Ejercicios 1 y 2. Fíjate bien en la estrategia de cálculo mental que utiliza el niño antes de empezar.
¿Eres capaz de resolver estos retos matemáticos?


Cecilia Peláez: cecilia.pelaez@orvalle.es

Hello girls! Today we are going to learn about traditional music around the world.  Click here to start! 

Traditional Music around the World video

After watching the video, answer these questions on a sheet of paper and mail it back to me!      

– Today, I learned about  _______________________

 – What is a genre of music? _______________________ 

– In which country is gamelan music traditionally played? ____________ 

– What is a pentatonic scale? ______________________ 

– Did you enjoy the music? Why or why not? _________________________

I love seeing you work! 

María Bailly-Baillière

Marta Abad Arias 


Lourdes Giner – lourdes.giner@orvalle.es

Hoy vas a tener que trabajar las palabras sinónimas. Además tendrás una clase en directo a las 12,30. Te recuerdo la importancia de ser muy puntuales.
Luego tendrás que hacer las actividades 12 y 13 de la pág. 185 y 4 de la pág. 190.
Aprende también el recuadro de la 185.



Teacher: natalia.jozwik@orvalle.es

New day, new challenges! ☺ Good morning girls! 

4ºA at 10:30 a.m. you have your Speaking Meet Lesson with Miss Katy today. 

Don’t forget about it !

1st Lesson: 

Creative story writing task 

2nd & 3rd Lesson: 

Grammar Practice – Present Perfect Simple Question Formation

You will ask your family members some of the questions below. 

If they answer “YES,” they will sign their name on the X_____.

If they answer “NO,” ask them a different question.

You can include you in this task too. 

Try to find the answers to as many questions as possible and have lots of fun! ☺

Have you ever ridden a roller coaster?oller Coaster, Rollercoaster ...

Have you ever held a snake?nake, Green, Caricature ...

Have you ever broken a bone?.. hand in orange cast.jpg
Have you ever stayed up all night?.. awake | by Henry Söderlund
Have you ever swam in the ocean?.. La Palma, Atlantic, Ocean

Have you ever cooked dinner for your family?irl, Cookies, Cooking, Cook, ...
Have you ever gotten a 100% on a test?.. Exam | by albertogp123

Have you ever been on an airplane?irplane travel journey flight ...

Have you ever eaten at McDonald’s?cdonald, Refreshment, Food

Have you ever had a pet?at Dog Pets

Have you ever played on a sports team?.. team (26 October 2008).jpg

Have you ever ridden a horse?ressage, Horse, Jockey ...

With your highlighter, circle 5 questions you want to write about.

You are going to turn the question into a statement.


Have you ever ridden a horse?
X______My brother Jorge. _________

-My brother Jorge has ridden a horse twice.


2- __________________________________________

3- __________________________________________

4- __________________________________________

5- __________________________________________

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