🧸 Jueves 2 de abril – Preschool

Prof. Beatriz Rosales beatriz.rosales@orvalle.es

Prof. Laura Morcillo laura.morcillo@orvalle.es


Queridos niños y padres:

En vísperas de las vacaciones de Semana Santa os enviamos un vídeo con la historia más importante de Jesús, que vamos a vivir estos días.

Seguimos cerca de cada uno de vosotros.


Good morning!

Today we have prepared activities to learn numbers, and to practice the vertical stroke and gross motor skills.

In the video, we will review the vocabulary of the unit!!! Spring time!!!

We really hope you enjoy it!

Catch the number

This activity is a good game to play with the whole family. We put big numbers from one to ten on the floor. We are going to use a slotted spoon, or something similar. You have to say a number, and the rest of the family will have to catch it using the slotted spoon! The first one will choose the next number. Have fun!

Objective: to learn numbers from one to ten, and to work the identification and the speed. To learn to work with other people, respecting the turn.

Throw the balls into the baskets

To do this activity, you can draw a line on the floor, and you will have to put a basket (or something similar) to put the ball into it. Children will have to run from the line to the basket, and dunk the ball. You will do the same activity working a different activity each time. They will have to work the following abilities: running, jumping with both feet together, the crawl and dragging.


Vocabulary and shapes

We’ll color the flower with crayons and then we’ll stamp fingerprints in each circle.

Objective: To review the circle shape.

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