🧸 Miércoles 1 de abril – Preschool

Prof. Beatriz Rosales beatriz.rosales@orvalle.es


Good morning!

Today we’re going to review emotions, and we are going to enjoy mixing colors and feeling textures.

Our own play-dough

Today we have this video for you. We’ll make together our own play-dough, we need for this activity:

½ cup of flour, ¼ cup of table salt, ¼ cup of water and food coloring.

In a bowl combine flour and salt, mix well.

Mix a few drops of food coloring into the water and add to the rest of the ingredients. Mix everything very well until your hands are not sticky.

You can storage your dough in a plastic bag or in a container to use in another time. (If you need more water or flour you can add it depends of the textures).

Objective:  To experiment using our senses.

Coffee filter Easter wreath

It’s simple to make, the supply list is very simple, and preschoolers will LOVE the creative process!

They’re so versatile, and they love the process we use to color them!   If you don’t have coffee filters, you could use tissue paper, or you could make these pretty paper napkin Spring wreaths. They ́ll have to paint the paper plate wreath using a paintbrush. Mom or dad will help us cutting the centers out of some paper plates before painting. To attach the coffee filters, I make several holes in the paper plate.  This would be where we’d insert the coffee filters.   There are a couple of ways you can make the holes.  You can make your holes by snipping several small X’s around your plate, or you can use a paper punch I punched 4 over-lapping holes to make one “big” hole.  And when I say big, I mean about the size of a baby finger-tip.

The children will paint the coffee filters (or paper if it is better for you), and once they are dry, children will tuck them into the holes. You can see the tip of one poking through the plate here.

We fluffed everything up a bit, and added a ribbon for hanging.  What do you think?  Aren’t they lovely?

A pretty coffee filter wreath to hang on your door or in a window for Easter or spring!

Objective: To learn about Easter by enjoying painting.

Sensory bags

This is one of the funniest activities they can do! You will get several bags, and put some cotton into them. They will dye the cotton putting some paint before closing the bag. After that, they will have to touch it until getting only one color. Don´t worry if you don´t have cotton, you can use only colors, but if you do it, make sure of using more than one color, in order to mix them into the bag by touching them.  We´ll give you a link in which you can learn different ways of making sensory bags.

Objective: to stimulate children’s senses. 


We are going to listen to the color monster! With this story, they will learn to identify and recognize common emotions such as happiness, sadness, anger, fear, and calm. It will encourage them to open up with other people.


Seguro que con toda la paciencia que tenéis y gracias a todos los recursos que os estamos aportando podéis pasar el día lo más ameno posible.

Seguimos con la primavera y la gran cantidad de insectos y animales  que en ella aparecen después de un invierno sin salir.

En la actividad trabajaremos la capacidad expresiva de los niños y además de ello el esquema corporal, la percepción y estructuración espacio-temporal y la expresión verbal.

Os adjuntamos dos fichas donde los pequeños tienen que identificar cada sombra a qué animal pertenece, si tenéis posibilidad de imprimir podéis invitarles a que lo unan con un lápiz, una tira de plastilina etc.

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