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¡Buenos días! Hemos preparado un breve tutorial con algunas pautas que te pueden resultar útiles para utilizar Zoom con tus profes. ¡Esperamos que te sea útil!





Hoy vamos a corregir las actividades que mandamos la semana pasada. Escribiré escuetamente la respuesta.

Página 71, actividad 6,  Moisés: cordero, monte Sinaí, tierra prometida. Jesús: Hijo de Dios, monte Calvario, cielo. Activ. 7 A.- Jueves Santo: 1,4. B- Viernes Santo: 2, 5. C- Vigilia Pascual: 3, 6.

Página 72, activ. 2 Asistir a las celebraciones del Triduo Pascual. Activ. 4, Aleluya.

Página 74, activ. 1.- Dimas. Activ.2- Que Jesús le ha perdonado sus pecados y va a ir derecho al cielo. 3- Unción de enfermos.




Hi girls! How are you all doing?

Today in Music you are going to learn a new song with me!

Click here to get started: 

After learning the song, you can create a choreography or accompany your voice with an instrument, it can be body percussion 

Send me a video of you doing it. I would love to see how you handled this challenge!


I’ve been thinking about how music is such an integral part of all of our lives. So with that in mind, I wanted to give you four simple tips to make your home life more musical. 

1.    Sing! 

Please don’t say “I can’t sing”. Everyone can sing! All you need to do is try and then keep at it! Try taking deeper breaths, use more air, and sing in a higher pitch- you may be surprised at what comes out!

2. Dance! 

The next time you’re bored, or feel the tension building as you rush around getting homework done, turn on a tune and start moving your body!

3. Listen to Music.

Listening to music is a great way to bring more music into our lives! It is such a great way to set a positive mood in the house!

Don’t forget to listen to lots of different genres of music and find new artists to enjoy. It’s always great to discover something new together as a family!

4. Use songs as timers. 

The last point is related to #3. Think about the things you do every day like getting dressed or brushing your teeth, try putting on a song and challenge yourself to get it done by the end of the song!





Realiza las siguientes operaciones y acuérdate de hacer la prueba:

·       876,34 : 43 =

·       4×5 + 6×7 + (40 x 3 + 1) =

Tema 10 “Rectas, ángulos y movimientos”

Recuerda lo que aprendiste ayer y dibuja en tu cuaderno:

–         Una semirrecta.

–         Un segmento.

–         Dos rectas paralelas.

–         Dos rectas secantes.

Y de la página 177, haz el ejercicio 5.

Cuando hayas terminado, lee sin prisa los recuadros de las páginas 178, 180 y 181. 


Profesora: natalia.jozwik@orvalle.es

1st Lesson: 

Please find in your FLYERS WRITING SKILLS BOOKLET (the last pages) two stories to be finished. 

  1. My New Pet 


  1. The Alien School

Choose ONE you like more and write down the ending of the story. Be creative! 

2nd Lesson:  

Finish two activities from your Natural Science Pupil’s  book on page 76 to practice your language skills. 

In exercise 2 you are asked to put the verbs into the past continuous tense

Past continuous tense is used when one action in the past is interrupted by another one. 

Let’s look at one example: 

I was watching  TV when the telephone rang. 

3rd Lesson: 

Now we are moving slowly to practice our listening skills. 

Please find the worksheets below.

Have your pencil, rubber, ruler and colour pencils ready before you start the test and write the answers in your notebook.

Please find the link to the mp3 audio attached here. 





Buenos días niñas, hoy vamos a seguir evaluando el tema 12. Os mandamos una ficha de comprensión lectora. Léela despacio y luego contesta a las preguntas cuidando la presentación y la ortografía. Después haz una foto y nos la mandas porque cuenta para la nota del tema.


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