📌 Martes 31 de marzo – 3º de Primaria


3ºA Ana Lozano – ana.lozano@orvalle.es

3ºB Lourdes Giner – lourdes.giner@orvalle.es

3ºC Gracia Iturrieta – gracia.iturrieta@orvalle.es

Hoy vamos a hacer una actividad que sé que te gusta mucho: contar y escribir cuentos.

Te propongo unas páginas que te van a ayudar a hacerlo:

En la página 173, leer el cuento del Conejo miedoso y repasar los pasos para escribir un cuento. 

En la página 174 hacer los ejercicios, 28 y 34 (escribe un cuento cortito). 

En la página 175 el ejercicio 1 y 2. 

No te olvides de leer y, si puedes mándame tus trabajos. ¡Mucho ánimo!


3ºA Paloma Cavero – paloma.cavero@orvalle.es

3ºB Margarita Pavía – m.pavia@orvalle.es

3ºC Gracia Iturrieta – gracia.iturrieta@orvalle.es

¡Seguimos trabajando y avanzando!

Hoy, en el cuaderno “Modelos pruebas externas”, vas a poder hacer unos ejercicios divertidos: “El gran Castillo” y “Al rico chocolate”

Además, la operación diaria para no oxidarte. Coloca y realiza en tu cuaderno la siguiente operación: 

834 : 7=  (Haz la prueba)

Además de tus tareas diarias te mando un vídeo para que puedas repasar los temas 11 y 12.

Puedes construir tus propios, triángulos, cuadriláteros, círculos y circunferencias con el material que encuentres por casa y como te gusten a ti.

Pégalos en una hoja y me mandas la foto.

Ver vídeo:


3ºA and 3ºB Rocío Rosaleny – rocio.rosaleny@orvalle.es

3ºC Claudia Rivera and Tina Newsome – claudia.rivera@orvalle.es and tina.newsome@orvalle.es

Morning !

 Today you have to do a Movers Cambridge Exam. You shoulddo part 1, part 2 and part 3. 

Feel free to do more work if you’d like to.

Social Science

3ºA and 3ºB Rocío Rosaleny – rocio.rosaleny@orvalle.es

3ºC Claudia Rivera and Tina Newsome – claudia.rivera@orvalle.es and tina.newsome@orvalle.es

Watch this video so you can do the activity:

Over the next few days, you are going to learn about different time periods. Each day you will learn about a time period, watch a video on it and do activities about it.

Today you have to go to pages 68 and 69 in your book (attached). Thesepages are about PREHISTORY. You will find a document attached where you can see a girl called Alice who is going to tell you everything you need to know about the Palaeolithic and the Neolithic Period and then you will do an activity about these time periods.

You have to cut the pictures out and place them in the correct period (if you don’t have a printer, draw the pictures on a piece of paper). 

You can also watch these videos about Prehistory:

Video 1:

Video 2: 

Look at where they lived, how they used to dress and what they ate. You can also watch the film called “The Croods” if you have it.


Cecilia Pelaez – cecilia.pelaez@orvalle.es

Hi! How are you doing? 

Look at the video Cristina sent me last week with her sister Rocío:

Today’s music task is to learn a song with me!

Click here to get started: 

Seeing as the Easter holidays are nearly upon us, I have put together a list of links which contain musical games, activities, ideas and videos for you to enjoy during the break.

– 52 Homemade Musical Instruments to Make:  


–  Classics for Kids 


– Interactive Orchestra 


– The Music Podcast for kids https://www.themusicpodcastforkids.com

I’ve been thinking about how music is such an integral part of all of our lives and how important music is for children, in particular. So with that in mind, I wanted to give you four simple tips to make your home life, especially with young children, more musical. 
1.    Sing! 
Please don’t say “I can’t sing”. Everyone can sing! All you need to do is try and then keep at it! Try taking deeper breaths, use more air, and sing in a higher pitch- you may be surprised at what comes out! 
2. Dance! 
The next time you’re bored, or feel the tension building as you rush around getting homework done and/or dinner on the table, turn on a tune and start moving your body! 
3. Listen to Music.
Listening to music is a great way to bring more music into our lives! It is such a great way to set a positive mood in the house!Don’t forget to listen to lots of different genres of music and find new artists to enjoy. It’s always great to discover something new together as a family!
 4. Use songs as timers. 
The last point is related to #3. Instead of nagging the kids to get dressed, brush their teeth, or do their chores, try putting on a song and challenging them to get it done by the end of the song!

Physical Education

Mariola Villalón: mariola.villalon@orvalle.es

Hello!! Good morning!Today in P.E. you can do the circuit 1, that you did yesterday !!
Have fun!!

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