🧸 Lunes 30 de marzo – Preschool

Prof. Beatriz Rosales beatriz.rosales@orvalle.es


La mejor receta que podemos hacer estos días en familia, es esa que se cocina a fuego lento en el corazón, cada uno puede pensar los ingredientes que necesite….

Sonrisas, generosidad, paciencia, obediencia…. Esos ingredientes los tenemos todos, no hace falta ir a comprarlos!


Good morning!

This is going to be a nice week! We have to review the concepts studied previously. Today we are going to learn a new sprig concept, which is “butterfly!


Here you have a new video with one of our favorite songs “If you are happy”. After you sing the song with me, we’ll make an activity together and we’ll reinforce the emotions vocabulary.

For this activity we’ll need: a piece of paper, a marker and play dough. Also, if you have the possibility to print you have templates of different faces.

With mom or dad’s help we’ll draw an edge face and then using play dough we’ll place the mouth depending on the emotions that we want to practice and also, we’ll place all the other parts of the face (eyes, nose, ears, hair). For example: if the emotion is “sad”, we can make tears like when we cry or if the emotions is “happy” we can make a big smile.

Objective: To practice emotions and fine motor skills.

Kick the cup with feet or hands!

We are going to need plastic cups as well as a ball. Children will have to kick the ball until drop the cup. In the video, children use only their feet, but can do this activity in a different way as well, using their hands instead of their feet. We will write numbers from one to 10 on the cups surface.

Objective: the development of gross motor skills.

A beautiful butterfly!

This activity is rather easy to make, and we will learn the concept of butterfly. You can decorate it with everything that you want.

Just fold the cardboard in half, and cut half a shape out on the fold to open out into a butterfly shape.

Objective: to feel different textures, as well as to learn the concept of butterfly.


Esta actividad consiste en que previamente dibujaremos a los niños una forma geométrica en un papel y les invitaremos a que hagan la forma con plastilina y la sobrepongan encima de la dibujada previamente y de esta manera aprender jugando que es la mejor manera de hacerlo.

Objetivo: interiorizar mediante el juego y la psicomotricidad fina los conceptos círculo y cuadrado.

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