🧸 Jueves 26 de marzo – Preschool

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Good morning!

Today is going to be a really special day! We are going to cook! We´ll feel the touch of different textures and we´ll make biscuits! Yummy yummy in my….tummy!

Gingerbread man

Gingerbread Man

As we love biscuits, we’re going to make some gingerbread men! You only have to follow the instructions that our friend gives us in the video. Have fun!!!!

Objective: To touch different textures at the same time that we work fine motor skills.

Learning numbers

If you press in the next link you will see several videos to learn numbers. We hope you enjoy them!

Rice and ice sensory activicity

In this video, we’ll practice the colors that we learn at school (yellow, blue, red, green, orange, purple and pink). After singing this song we’ll make an activity to reinforce “colors”. 

We’ll need food coloring, water, icebox, and 1 cup of dry uncooked rice.

Previous preparation:

We’ll need to prepare colored ice, for this we need to mix water with different colors, each color in an icebox and put them on the fridge overnight, like we show you in the picture below. 

Rice and ice sensory activity is a fun activity that provides an opportunity to play, practice color vocabulary and explore scientific concepts mixing with all the benefits of sensory play.

This activity is good to demonstrate the mixing of primary colors like yellow and blue makes green; or mixing colors like blue and red makes purple. It also provides an opportunity for children to learn about scientific concepts such as absorption, solids and liquids. You can ask to the children: Why is the water changing its color?What is happening to the rice? What colors can you see? Why is the ice getting smaller? What do you feel in your hand? It is cold or hot? What texture do you feel?

Objective:  Name and recognize colors.

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