🧸 Lunes 23 de marzo – Preschool

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Good morning!

We are going to keep working on our unit, ”Spring”, as well as basic concepts such as shapes, numbers, and colors. We have to keep in mind that in these ages, every activity we work on, involves more than one area. We hope you to enjoy the activities!

Painting Tulips

In this activity we ́ll learn what a tulip is, colors, and numbers from 1 to 4. We ́ll learn the concepts “up” and “down”, working the vertical stroke. They can choose 4 different colors, a different one for each tulip.  These are the steps to follow to do the activity.

Objective: to learn the concept of tulip; to count from 1 to 4; to review colors.

1. We ́ll use a fork to paint tulips. We ́ll ask for the colors that they ́re using. 

2. After that, they ́ll use their fingers to follow the line from up to down.

3. We ́ll count how many tulips have been painted. 

Let’s classify

Please, print four flowers, we ́re going to need them!!

They will paint one flower with blue color, another with red, another with yellow, and the last one with green. They ́ll have to look for things of those colors all around the house, and they ́ll put them over the flower of the same color. For example, they find a yellow 

T-shirt, and they ́ll put it over the yellow flower. 

Objective: to count from 1 to 4; to review colors yellow, green, red and blue.

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