📌Lunes 23 de marzo – 3º de Primaria



Dear Parents,

This message is about the Cambridge English Movers Young Learners Exam. Due to the emergency situation that is affecting us all and the uncertainty about how long it will last, we need to gather names of the students who are interested in sitting the exam so that Cambridge has a rough idea of how many students may take part. Payment of fees is NOT required at this point.

Please could you send the completed “Yes” or “No” slip of paper back to us regardless of whether your child will sit the exam or not (3ºA and 3ºB rocio.rosaleny@orvalle.es and 3ºC claudia.rivera@orvalle.es).

Thank you,

Miss Claudia & Miss Rocío


Live Online Classes:

From Monday onwards,Miss Claudia or Miss Rocio will be giving live online classes every Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday at 10:30. If you can ́t watch the classes, do not worry, as they will be filmed and then posted online. So you will be able to watch them whenever is most convenient for you.

In order to be a part of their classes, you will first have to type in  zoom.us into your web browser. 

Then you’ll need to click on the link next to the subject  which will then allow you to connect with either Miss Claudia or Miss Rocio,depending on the day they are due to give the class. Please see the schedule below.

Monday 23rd of March 2020: English class with Miss Rocío (go over the work for the week) Live Online Learning! https://us04web.zoom.us/j/6197522611

Tuesday 24th of March2020 : Social Science class with Miss Rocío (revise how to present a project) Live Online Learning! https://us04web.zoom.us/j/6197522611

Wednesday 25th of March 2020 : English video about “Clothes”  which will be attached  on the homework website.

Thursday 26th of March 2020: Social Science class with Miss Rocío (archaeologists) Live Online Learning! https://us04web.zoom.us/j/6197522611

Friday 27th of March 2020: Art class with Miss Claudia (Past, Present and Future) Live Online Learning! https://zoom.us/j/6784025383


3ºA Ana Lozano – ana.lozano@orvalle.es

3ºB Lourdes Giner – lourdes.giner@orvalle.es

3ºC Gracia Iturrieta – gracia.iturrieta@orvalle.es

 Hola niñas, empezamos nueva semana! Acordaos de sacar punta al lápiz antes de trabajar y hacer la letra muy bonita. Tengo un montón de pegatinas para poner en vuestros cuadernos!!
Hoy tenéis que hacer las actividades 31, 32 y 33 de la pág. 160 y como siempre leer un rato largo….


3ºA Paloma Cavero – paloma.cavero@orvalle.es

3ºB Margarita Pavía – m.pavia@orvalle.es

3ºC Gracia Iturrieta – gracia.iturrieta@orvalle.es

 ¡Empezamos otra semana! Y seguro que la superamos igual de bien que la anterior. Como te habrás dado cuenta, vamos cambiando el trabajo. Pasamos del libro al cuaderno con mucha facilidad.

Hoy lunes nos toca: Cuaderno “Modelos pruebas externas”: “Día mundial del agua”.

Y para no perder la agilidad a la hora de realizar operaciones, vamos a hacer una división:

302 : 2 =    

Ya sabes, siempre con la prueba. De esta manera, te podrás corregir tu sola.


3ºA Ana Lozano – ana.lozano@orvalle.es

3ºB Lourdes Giner – lourdes.giner@orvalle.es

3ºC Isabel Reinoso – Isabel.reionoso@orvalle.es

¡Hola niñas! 

¿Recordáis la actividad del templo de la semana pasada?

Hoy tenemos que hacer las actividades 1 y 2 de la página 149 de tu libro de Religión. Puedes hacer el dibujo de la parte de dentro o de fuera de tu iglesia. ¡Seguro que te queda precioso!   


English: Live Online Learning! https://us04web.zoom.us/j/6197522611

 3ºA and 3ºB Rocío Rosaleny – rocio.rosaleny@orvalle.es

3ºC Claudia Rivera and Tina Newsome – claudia.rivera@orvalle.es and tina.newsome@orvalle.es

 Morning girls!  Hope you had a good weekend! But now, it’s time to get back to work!   Here are today’s tasks!

Prepare and practice your “Show and tell” presentation on your parent’s job.

The project is due for today. You can send us a video doing your presentation so we can watch it.  Remember to ask your parents. 

Thank you.

Social Science

3ºA and 3ºB Rocío Rosaleny – rocio.rosaleny@orvalle.es

3ºC Claudia Rivera and Tina Newsome – claudia.rivera@orvalle.es and tina.newsome@orvalle.es

Answer questions 3 and 4 about your landmark in the project worksheet.

 We know it’s Monday, but you can do it! Good luck!

Pyshical Education

Mariola Villalón – mariola.villalon@orvalle.es

Hello girls! How was your weekend?

First of all, let’s warm up! Ready?

And now, move your body and practice this dance! You can invite your family to dance with you. Try to do it at least twice. Enjoy!

Remember to drink water!

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