🧸 Viernes 20 de marzo – Preschool

Prof. Beatriz Rosales beatriz.rosales@orvalle.es

Prof. Aranzazu Del Rio aranzazu.delrio@orvalle.es

Prof. Paloma Martínez-Ortiz paloma.martinezortiz@orvalle.es


¡Hello! Good morning everyone, today is “Friday”, the last day of the week, we can practice days of the week with this song that we love:

We’ll continue working with spring vocabulary (spring, flower, bee, grass, tree, leaf, umbrella, rain, cloud, rainbow) and we’ll practice “colors, shapes and numbers”.

Stamp circles to make flowers

We’ll use the paper a cardboard paper roll and paint. We can use all the colors that we want to stamp circles in a paper. After that we can draw the stem of the flower.

Objective: Stamp circles / Learn spring vocabulary.

Gross Motor Skills / Fine Motor Skills

We’ll practice our balance walking in a line trying to stay on it. You can also play with the lines simulating a highway using cars.

Objective: Maintain balance of my body.


For this activity we’ll need numbers from 1 to 5 and a few clothespins. Simply clip on the correct number of clothespins into the numbers. Also, we’ll practice our fine motor skills opening and closing the clothespins.

Objective: number quantity correspondence.

You can use this video for guidance:


Today we have plenty of recommendations, we hope that you like them and help you with the kids at home. Big hug!

This is a mom website with different activities and games that can be used at home. Also, she has an Instagram account: http://www.mothercould.com

You can find plenty of recipes, crafts, doughs and paints.


We are also sharing with you this page that has many healthy recipes for the small ones. https://www.healthylittlefoodies.com/

Look at this recipe:


Banana Oatmeal Cookies

Grandparents’ Song

We are sending you our grandparents ́ song, so you can practice at home and send it to them, they will love it!

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