🧔🏻 Jueves 19 de marzo – Preschool

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We’ll continue with our topic “The Spring”, for today we’ll prepare our own finger paint, that is safe for kids, in case someone wants to taste it. We’ll make a “Caterpillar, also we’ll practice our fine motor skills, numbers, counting and our gross motor skills with a game.

Homemade finger paint

We’ll make our own finger paint with mommy and daddy’s help. We’ll mix all the ingredients in a saucepan warm until the mixture get thick. Let it cold before using it.

Objective: Combining ingredients you can produce new things. 

Caterpillar Craft

We’ll make a Caterpillar using an egg cardboard and paint.  Mommy and Daddy are going to help you cutting the cardboard in strips and then we’ll paint it using your favorite colors, we can use our finger or a paintbrush. To finish the activity, we’ll decorate the face with markers or any material that you have at home. 

Objective: Learn about the caterpillar.

Fine Motor Skills

We are gardeners

We’ll become gardeners! For this activity we will need two types of beans (for example chickpeas and lentils), also we’ll need printed numbers from one to six (you can use flashcards if you have), and you will need a dice. We start to play: we will put the numbers all together in a pile, then a player has to throw the dice and get from the printed numbers, the numbers that came out in the dice, also that will be the number of beans we’ll have to grab and put in a small bowl. 

You can print and color the following gardener.

Objective: Fine motor skills / Number-quantity correspondence.

Adjuntamos ficha.

Gross Motor Skills

Pillow jumping 

Scatter pillows across the floor and let the kids jump from pillow to pillow. Encourage them to try running from pillow to pillow, jumping with two feet, or jumping with one foot, etc. You could also call out specific colors of pillows for them to jump to.

Objective: Jumping with one foot and with feet together.

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