📌 Martes 17 de marzo – 2º de Primaria


Gracia Iturrieta – gracia.iturrieta@orvalle.es 

–          Cogemos nuestro libro como siempre y leemos 10 minutitos. También puedes hacer un dibujo sobre lo que has leído o contárselo a alguien de tu familia. 

–           Hoy nos toca comprensión lectora. Lo vas a hacer genial.

–         Y como siempre también puedes hacer 30 minutos de Progrentis en el ordenador de casa.


Paloma Cavero – paloma.cavero@orvalle.es 

–        Hola de nuevo! Hoy puedes hacer otras dos caras más del libro de matemáticas. No se te olvide echar un vistazo a los recuadros con las definiciones. ¡Ánimo, tú puedes! 


Almudena Canosa – almudena.canosa@orvalle.es

Hello my friend! 

Today we are going to complete the `Months of the Year´worksheet: 

List the months of the year in the correct order using the word bank at the bottom of the worksheet to help you.


Almudena Canosa – almudena.canosa@orvalle.es 

Hi Girls!
Guess what time it is? It’s Project Time!

Natural VS Manufactured Materials Project Mural  
You are going to need to find cardboard or paper to make the different materials mural.
Don’t forget! Natural materials are cotton,wool,wood,rock and  sand. Manufactured materials are fabric,paper,plastic,metal and glass.
What you will need to do is look around your house for a small piece of each of these materials and once you have them (or as many as possible),please paste them onto your mural using either sellotape or a gluestick. Don’t forget to write the name of each material under the object.
Good luck and have fun!
This project is due on Tuesday 24th. You can send me a picture of your project when you finish.  

Physical education

Mariola Villalón – mariola.villalon@orvalle.es

Hello year 2! Today we will dance with Dora! Copy her movements to learn the choreografy.  Check this video out!


Cecilia Pelaez – cecilia.pelaez@orvalle.es
Complete this activity: 

This activity is due on Tuesday 24th. You can send me an email with the worksheet completed. 

Hey, if you happen to have a piano at home and want to practice your skills, send me an email and I will send you some scores!

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